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We will be editing this page soon as we have moved.  Some of the information has not changed so till we are able to edit you can enjoy reading how things were.

Residing on over 20 acres, SunRise Suris is located  within the Cedar Valley River Corridor in picturesque Eastern Iowa. Being close to the Cedar River, we are surrounded by forestry yet have the openness of  the prairie allowing us to view the most beautiful sun rises’ as well as sunsets, hence our name.  Look for our Lavender Sunsets page as well as our Surious Alpaca fiber and yarn products page in the store section of this website.

Having 23 beautiful Suri Alpacas we have been able to breed not only for the luster known to the Suri Alpaca but also for the low micron count giving the finished product, silky soft, yet warmer than wool quality. Our highly sought after hand spun yarn comes in a variety of colors that you have to see to believe. Along with the yarn we have created a unique drop spindle that no other compares to. We carry an assortment of handmade yarn bowl, shawl pins and knitted accessories.

We welcome visitors by appointment and are able to accommodate charter bus tours. We love to share our knowledge of the Alpaca. We will take you through the ancient art of yarn production, sorting fiber, cleaning, picking, carding and spinning into yarn. We want you to experience the difference in wools and fibers of these gentile creatures God has allowed us to care for.


 We welcome families to call and make an appointment to learn more about the "Alpaca" lifestyle. We look forward to sharing with you our goals and objectives and helping you to meet yours.

This spring we are adventuring into another area on our ranch... Lavender. We are planting over 300 lavender plants to harvest and market. Look for more information about "Lavender Sunsets and the products we will offer.
New location coming soon.
Please call for appointment
(319) 310-7705 or
(319) 784-7847

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