On The Hill - Formerly SunRise Suris

Welcome to the new ON THE HILL formerly SunRise Suris

We are full of changes and surprises...

First thing you may have noticed is our name change.  The reason is so we may expand our business and not limit it to our first love "Alpacas".  Also we have moved and the name ON THE HILL fits so well.  Alpacas on the hill, Lavender on the hill, r u on the hill, see you on the hill.... I could go on forever. 

Our new location is wonderful, located at the crossroads of Hwy 218 and Hwy 8, the hub of Vinton, LaPorte City and Dysart

We practice timeless values worthy of the
timeless treasures in our care.
We hope you can find everything you need. On The Hill and SunRise Suris Alpaca Ranch is focused on providing high-quality Products, top notch service to equal unmatched customer satisfaction -
we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
We have maintained its belief that alpacas provide a unique opportunity for developing a new, sustain-ably based, primary agricultural industry in the United States

Our Store is now open.  Come, bring your projects to work on and I'll put on the coffee. 

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